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Transforming the World Through Communication

Along with our client-related ventures or endeavors, Global Community is also actively involved in our own projects aimed at Transforming the World Through Communication. Below is a sample of what we are doing

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Life Enrichment Center

Global Community Academy

The Global Community Academy works alongside traditional educational systems to provide practical communication skills for the sole purpose of helping our students (elementary to adults) succeed in business. For example, while the traditional educational system will teach the basics of English and grammar, we help our students learn how to use those skills to create successful marketing pieces, or to apply for government grants. 

What sets our academy apart from many others is that it is aimed solely at underserved communities. We believe that by empowering these communities, we help them to transform not only their lives but the lives of others.

Our computer labs are not just aimed at teaching basic computer skills, but we go further to teach programming and cybersecurity skills, which are essential for businesses to understand. We also teach desktop publishing skills, PowerPoint, Advanced Public Speaking skills to ultimately achieve business success.

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Veteran's Career Switcher Program

One often overlooked underserved community are the thousands of veterans who, after serving their country with distinction, find it hard to assimilate back into civilian life. Many of these veterans also find it difficult to fit into traditional college classrooms.

Oftentimes, these veterans are highly skilled men and women with a desire to start their own businesses. However, their skill set may not include the communication skills necessary to create, establish and advance their brand effectively in the marketplace.

We understand the difficulties these veterans face and so we designed classes and workshops to help them get up and running with their communication needs. Unlike degreed programs where students are compelled to take certain classes, not specifically related to their interests, our workshops are tailored to each veteran for success in their business.

Book Projects

We have written several books aimed at presenting several truths in order to help people become all God has called them to be.

You May Be White, But You're Alright
The Enoch Treasure: When God Walks with a Friend
Worship 101: Discovering the God We Worship in 101 Ways
Miracles and the Supernatural in Popular Secular Films: A Narrative Analysis of The Green Mile, Bruce Almighty and Phenomenon.

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