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Desktop Publishing/Graphics

Disclaimer: At Global Community, our primary focus is transforming the world for good through communication. Our aim is to help your company succeed so that you can help others. If your company is involved in helping others, uplifting the state of others, teaching people how they may improve their status or some other humanitarian efforts, you have come to the right place – we are all about helping you to succeed.

If on the other hand, your company is not involved in any way in humanitarian efforts, we thank you for your interest in Global Community – feel free to spend as much time here as you would like. However, there may be other companies that are more suitable to help your business than ours. We hope that one day we may be able to partner with you for good and we hope you will come back then.

How We Design Your Site

There are many platforms out there for Web Developers. Popular among these are platforms such as WordPress, Weebly, PHP, Java, Magento, Wix, etc. Our experts are skilled in multiple platforms, however we tend to be partial to Wix. Here's why: Wix is hands down the easiest web development software to use for websites and the best all-round website builder on the market. It is also one of the lowest cost on the market.


While we are happy to manage your sites and update it regularly for you, we want to help you to channel your funds to helping others, not have to turn to experts for minor updates. With Wix, we create a stunning website for you, that is easily maintained and updated by you our client. When you need major changes, we are standing by to help, but when you need to change a line, update a picture, don't you want to be able to quickly make those changes yourself. Yes, we know this is not the usual business model, but Global Community is not your usual company either. By the way, don't just take our word about the ease of use of this software - check out this impartial source at WebsiteToolTester comparing Wix to Wordpress, one of the leading developer tools:

About Wix

Wix was founded in Tel Aviv (Israel) by Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami and Giora Kaplan. Tel Aviv is also where their headquarters are located. Furthermore they have offices all around the world: New York, San Francisco, Berlin, Sao Paulo and others. They are a public company, listed on NASDAQ: WIX. It hosts well over 90 million websites – more than double the number created using Weebly. More than 3.2 million people like Wix enough to pay for a premium plan – and eight out of 10 of them renew their paid plan after the first year. So if you choose Wix, you're in very good company. With Global community and Wix, you're also in good hands.

Your website is your digital handshake; the first impression your company makes to potential clients. It is your business card that you present to others across the distance. It is therefore important to make an impression that accentuates your company’s brand…One that tells your story well. Our design maestros are not satisfied with giving you a cookie cutter website. We are constantly working on pushing the limits in order create unique sites that tell compelling stories.

Our creative and technical web design experts can help your brand to succeed. We are great listeners and ask questions in order to best understand your needs, and what you are setting out to accomplish with your marketing efforts. We’re also completely dedicated to providing you with professional,

high-level, budget friendly solutions that will help your company to grow.

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Because we do not do cookie cutter websites, it is not possible to give an exact price for your website as there are so many variables to consider. Instead, please complete the form below letting us know if your needs, contact information, etc., and we will be happy to tailor a package for you. At the same time, we know that many organizations desire to have a ballpark figure to know what they are working with - after all it is important to be good stewards of your funds. We understand - we are also in the business of serving others. Therefore, we have prepared a handy ballpark guide to help you in your planning (but please remember it is a guide, not fixed prices). 

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