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Film & Video Productions

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Damien has served for many years as Lead Videographer at Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). He is an experienced videographer with a demonstrated history of working in the broadcast media industry, skilled in Travel Photography, Non-linear Editing, Field Production, Camera Operation, and Radio. A strong media and communication professional with a M.A focused in Communication Arts; Studies concentrated in Film Production and Aesthetics from Regent University.

According to Damien: It’s a wild privilege to have spent the last twenty years traveling the globe as a filmmaker. Why? Because of the places I’ve been and the people I’ve met. I’ve been blessed to have learned much, simply by observing, and by cultivating relationships.

The medium of filmmaking is more than just a vehicle for entertainment. Great content educates and inspires; it gives a person something to walk away with. Hopefully, something that makes them a better person for having seen it.

My goal: make images that talk back to you, images that can better the lives of those who see them. Humanity is more than just a moving image – humanity is a story. There has to be something the viewer can relate to and empathize with.

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